dsc_1525_2s1A number of production departments of “Sumy NGO” PJSC came to the finish line in the implementation of orders of the German company Ingenieurbüro R. Großmann GmbH & Co. KG. KG (IBG), providing for the supply of equipment for gas drying plant completing, as well as TKA-C-12 with the accompanying products.

In particular, large-sized adsorbers (their height is 19 m, diameter is 1.8 m, and the thickness of the shell wall is 60 mm) are fully assembled on the road, and not less solid equipment – blocks of input and end separators with a height of 8 m each – went to the stage of preparation for shipment.

In addition, the enterprise finished with block and tank products for the gas drying plant (it is a question of emergency drainage, reflux tanks, a device for storing fresh triethylene glycol, a degasser, a block of filters). This week, Sumy machine builders are delivering two separators, stipulated by the contract for the production of a turbo-unit with process equipment.

Connection units for gas pumping units, fitting units, support for the air-cleaning unit are also packed.

The ventilation unit, methanol injection units and flow measurement, unloading supports, fencing sections, service areas, etc. are at the final stage.
At the same time, the work on a 12 MW turbo-compressor package on the basis of a double-casing three-stage centrifugal compressor, oil cooler units and supply systems, which will be sent to the customer in subsequent delivery tranches, is on fast-forward.