JSC «Sumy NPO» policy in quality assurance

Being guided with the principle of customers’ needs satisfaction and realizing the importance of their confidence and respect, JSC “Sumy NPO” management declares that the company is willing and doing its best to supply products for nuclear power industry, hydraulic power industry, oil, oil-refining, gas, chemical, metallurgy agricultural and other branches of industry of quality level completely corresponding standards, norms and regulations in force and is directed to achieve the main purpose – continuous improvement of customers’ demands satisfaction.

To carry out this strategic purpose quality management system has been developed, adopted, supported and upgraded acting and corresponding ISO 9001:2008 International Standard as an aggregate of interconnected processes directed to quality improvement. In order to achieve quality objectives, the following activities are planned and implemented:

  • production costs reduction due to lower level of output product defectiveness, performance analysis, preventive and correlative actions;
  • marketing research of worldwide market of suppliers, consumers and competitors together with benchmarking performance, as well as reveal of competitive position and weaknesses;
  • application of ever-improving process using scientific and technological innovations, introduction of new technologies;
  • systematic and continuous training of managers, specialists and workers, involved in production process;
  • quality management development regarding the output product;
  • mandatory complete compliance of all employees with requirements of Company regulatory documentation, developed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Management bears responsibility to explain and put over the present Quality Policy to the subordinates, to define their specific aims and tasks, to assure its understanding and following in routine work. Management undertakes to revise Quality Policy periodically, improving quality management system results to provide its continuous correspondence to market changing demands.

Each employee, in his/her turn, is to show support and understanding of the following JSC principles:

  • each employee bears responsibility for assurance of output product quality, follows established principles and working procedures, fulfils his/her work in good faith, aims to work inventively and without mistakes;
  • improvement of production quality concerns all Company subdivisions;
  • on carrying out his/her job during production stage, each employee considers the employee of subsequent operation to be his/her consumer;
  • good manufacturing practice at each workplace is the output product quality assurance.