JSC “Sumy NPO” policy on Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection

Occupational health and safety management system, as well as the environmental protection management system, are some of the main factors of social protection of the Company’ workers, ensuring safe working conditions, preservation of favorable environment and increasing in general well-being.

The goal of the JSC “Sumy NPO” is the production activity aimed at making a maximum profit while meeting the customer’s requirements, as well as creating optimal and safe working conditions for employees by minimizing the risks and causes of industrial injuries, occupational diseases, emergency incidents, minimizing the effects on the environment, implementing nature-protection activities, energy-saving technologies and the rational use of natural resources.

To implement this goal with regards to the requirements of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, JSC “Sumy NPO” assumes the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure the compliance with the national legislation, regional and industrial requirements, regulatory documents regarding labor safety and environmental protection which apply to the Company.
  • To systematically analyze and improve the hygiene, labor safety and environmental protection management systems.
  • To ensure the necessary competence level of employees regarding labor safety and environmental protection via the internal notification system, briefings and training.
  • To perform works on identification, assessment and controlling the industrial risks, qualification of working stations per working conditions and their results, to develop and implement programs aimed at prevention of occupational injuries, accidents and occupational diseases.
  • To conduct a constant focused work on lowering and full elimination of the current negative effects on the environment, related to the production activities of the Company.
  • To decrease the resource-intensity of the Company’s products.
  • To ensure the control over the performance of responsibilities under this Policy.

JSC “Sumy NPO” assumes the responsibility to secure the performance of the Policy regarding labor safety, occupational health and safety with all the necessary resources, and the Company’s personnel bears personal responsibility for its implementation within the limits of their competence.