Supply Records: Overseas


JSC «Sumy NPO» successfully develops the market in Turkey supplying the equipment for oil and gas facilities. The Company constructed the following compressor stations:

  • Eskisehir Compressor Station ( turbo-compressor unit of 6.3 MW power – 2 units). The first unit was commissioned in 1997, the second – in 1999.
  • Bursa Compressor Station (turbo-compressor unit of 7.5 MW power – 2 units). The year of construction: 2000. Nowadays the equipment was removed from Bursa Compressor Station and operated at Eskisehir Compressor Station.
  • Sivas Compressor Station (turbo-compressor unit GPA-C-16P/76-1.6M1 – 3 units, as well as gas turbine power plants GTU-16P – 3 units).

Besides the Company delivers columns, vacuum filters, centrifuges, drill collars and kellys to Turkey.



  • Strandja Compressor Station (turbo-compressor units GPA-C-6.3/56-1.45 – 3 units) was constructed in 1986 at Bulgarian gas pipeline (towards Turkey).
  • Petrič Compressor Station (turbo-compressor units GPA-C-6.3/56-1.7 – 2 units), located at Bulgarian gas pipeline (towards Greece), was commissioned in 1990.
  • Kardam-2 Compressor Station (turbo-compressor units GPA-C-6.3/56-1.45 – 5 units). They were improved to GPA-C-8S/56-1.45.
  • Ichtiman Compressor Station (turbo-compressor units GPA-C-6.3/56-1.7 – 3 units).
  • Lozenets Compressor Station. Turbo compressor units GPA-C-6.3/56-1.45 were improved to GPA-C-8A/56-1.45.

The Company delivered compressors for Volchi Dol Compressor Station (6 compressors 4M25-76/35-56) and Polski Senovets Compressor Station (4 compressors 4M25-76/35-56). JSC «Sumy NPO» manufactured equipment for soda production plant in Devnia.


JSC «Sumy NPO» actively participates in the development of nuclear power industry of China: chinapumps of different types were delivered for Tianvan NPP as well as for Chashma NPP which is constructed by Chinese partners abroad.

Equipment manufactured by Sumy machine-builders operates at the petrochemical enterprises and at the plants for nitrogen fertilizers productions.

PJSC «Sumy NPO» delivers to China reciprocating compressors of different capacity.



The equipment manufactured by JSC «Sumy NPO» is used in industrial complex of India. Primarily these are reciprocating compressors, filtering centrifuges, liquid-packed ring-type vacuum pumps as well as equipment for coke production. The Company actively participates in Kudankulam NPP construction: different types of pumping equipment for NPP were delivered there.



In 2003 gas treatment complex was constructed in Alabama. This complex is designed to prepare the gas which is produced at solid wastes polygon, its treatment, drying and supplying to main pipeline.


JSC «Sumy NPO» cooperates with Italian Companies. The Company delivers to Italy drill collars of different diameter, tube sheets, columns and pressure vessels for chemical productions as well as individual parts of marine engines.argent


  • Indio Riko Compressor Station (turbo-compressor units GPA-C-6.3/61-1.118…1.35 – 2 units). Year of construction: 1989. Later the units were improved to GPA-C-8.
  • Belisle Compressor Station (turbo-compressor units GPA-C-8/71-1.25…1.45). Year of construction: 1990. Later the units were improved to GPA-C-8.