20171005_115736_s1The exhibition “Oil and Gas” (KIOGE-2017), which annually gathers key players of the world oil and gas market in Almaty, has finished in Kazakhstan. It was the 25th anniversary exposition forum, which was attended by over 250 companies from 25 countries. Ukraine at this event was represented by Sumy NPO together with its long-time colleagues and partners of SC GTRDC Zorya-Mashproekt and Motor Sich PJSC.

According to Igor Bulygin, head of the Marketing Department of Sumy NPO, the construction of facilities and equipment are clearly spoken about the skill of Sumy machine-builders in Kazakhstan. “Nevertheless, business realities require never to drop out of sight of customers, and KIOGE just provides such an opportunity. We managed to hold a series of encouraging meetings, make, so to speak, the notes on the road map of our probable prospects, ” he notes.

As Vitaly Kochura, the head of the Industrial Pumps Sales Bureau, adds, every year it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay in foreign markets. Kazakhstan in this sense is not an exception. “It puts maximum emphasis on its own producers, actively using the so-called Kazakh containing in the process of implementing state infrastructure projects. The main priority is to ensure the work of national companies. Therefore, enterprises from other countries have to exert themselves to do it to get at least some piece of work. In our case, a serious advantage is the willingness to supply technologically sophisticated equipment, the release of which has not yet been mastered by the local companies. And do it at affordable prices – much lower than that of manufacturers from Europe and the United States. At least, we discussed such projects with the Kazakh customers at the exhibition “Oil and Gas”, – Mr. Vitaly Kochura points out, stressing steady attention to Sumy NPO branded pump and compressor equipment, as well as spare parts for it.

“The company is interested in the intention of Kazakhstan to recover associated petroleum gas, which instead of flaring will be used for small and medium power plants. Our well-established facilities can serve here well, which have proved themselves at sites around the world. In addition, Kazakh partners want to convert a number of thermal power plants from coal to blue fuel, in which the products of Sumy machine builders can also help, “continues Aleksander Korolev, the senior manager of Sales Division. – Kazakhstan plans to reconstruct its own oil and gas plants and transfer them to the production of Euro-4 and Euro-5 fuel. In addition, the expediency of expanding the compressor station “Shagirli-Shomishty” erected by our company in 2006-2010 is also on the agenda. Without a doubt, we will fight for all these projects. ”

In general, the company delegation brought more than a dozen interesting proposals from Almaty. Responsible services of the association are already beginning to thoroughly study them.