Centrifugal multistage mine pumps of НСШ 500

Centrifugal multistage mine pumps of НСШ 500 type are designed for pumping of chemically non-aggressive and neutral slightly contaminated fluids on dewatering plants with inflows 350-500 m3/hour and physical height of water corresponding to head at nominal conditions (taking into account network resistance).


 Physical and chemical properties of pumped medium

Temperature, К (°С), no more 318 (45)
Maximum size of solid particles, mm, no more 0,2
Content of mechanical impurities, kg/m³, no more 5
рН index 6,5…8,5
Total concentration of sulphate and chloride, g/l, no more 20
Microhardness of solid particles, GPа, no more 1,47

Technical Data

Designation Capacity,
m³/hour (m³/s)
s-1 (rpm)
NPSH, m,
no more
no more
НСШ 500-273У 500 (0,1389) 273 24,6(1475) 630 4 72 2790
НСШ 500-990 990 2000 5207

Note: 1. Allowable deviation of head from rated value is +5%, -3;%.
2. Efficiency is design value.

The example of pump designation

«Pump НСШ 500-273У»,
«Pump НСШ 500-990»,
НСШ – multistage mine pump; НСШ – multistage mine pump;
500 – standard capacity, m³/hour; 500 –  standard capacity, m³/hour;
У – carbon version 990 – head, m

 Delivery scope

 – pump of НСШ 500-273У…990 type;
 – coupling;
 – spare parts set;
 – tools set.

Main components material

 – inner flowing part; – steel 20Х13Л as per GOST 977-88 (for НСШ 500-273У – carbon steel);
 – shaft;  – steel 40ХФА as per GOST 4543-71;
 – suction and discharge covers – steel 25Л-1 as per GOST 977-88

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