Cradle mounted chemical pumps of «ХМЕ» type

«ХМЕ» type electric driven pumping unit (pump) is designed for pumping of oil products (petrol, diesel fuel), flammable and highly inflammable liquids with the temperature to 347К (70°С).

Pumping unit is operated at areas with temperate, cold, temperate-and-cold climate (temperature range -60°C – +45°C), category of location 2,4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Pumping unit is manufactured in versions which differ in material and seal type.

Technical Data

Capacity, m³/s (m³/hour) 5,6х10-4(2)
Head, m 25
Rotational speed (synchr.), s-1 (rpm) 50(3000)
NPSH, m, no more than 3
Suction pressure maximum МPа (kg/cm²) 0,2 (2)
Power at p=1000 kg/m³, kW, – pump 0,6
                                                    – pumping unit 0,75
Pump efficiency, %, no more than 26/21
Solid impurities maximum size, mm 0,1

The example of pump and pumping unit designation

«Electric driven pumping unit ХМЕ 25-20-140-Д-5»
«Pump ХМЕ 25-20-140-Д-5»,

ХМ – modular pump;
ХМЕ – modular pump in explosive design;
25 – inlet diameter, mm;
140 – impeller diameter, mm;
Д – material of inner flowing part:
Д – steel 20Х13Л,
К – steel 12Х18Н10Т;
5 – type of rotor end seal – single end with additional emergency.

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