Equipment for Oil and Gas Industries

For more than 40 years SUMY  NPO, JSC is the leader in manufacturing of equipment for oil and gas industry.

The greater part of this equipment comprises turbo-compressor packages.
The Company designers have developed more than 100 models of turbo-compressor packages driven by industrialized versions of marine and airderivative gas turbines with power of 4 MW; 6.3 MW; 8 MW; 10 MW; 16 MW and 25 MW, as well as driven by electric motors of 1.0 to 6.3 MW. More than 2100 of such units are operated successfully in Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Turkey and other countries.

Last years the Company has developed the whole range of new modifications of turbo-compressor packages with marine and airderivative gas turbines of the latest generations ensuring effective efficiency of 34-35.5%. Future plans include developing of drives with complex work cycle that will increase efficiency up to 43-45%.
The Company manufactures compressor stations based on turbo-compressor units which are used for:

  • oil gas compression during gas-lift oil production;
  • natural gas transportation, casing-head gas collection and transportation;
  • casing-head gas compression in gas treatment plant technology;
  • gas injection into bed during gas condensate field development with re-injection process.

The largest gas main compressor stations with 16 MW power units are built on Urengoi – Pomary – Uzhgorod, Urengoi – Centre, Yamburg – Yelets pipelines. They provide continuous gas supply to central regions of Russia, Ukraine and Western Europe.

In addition to compressor stations and turbocompressor packages the company manufactures a wide range of other oil and gas industry products. The company manufactures equipment on the turnkey basis for units of complex gas treatment in condensate fields and also for AK-60-type workover rigs, clay separators and centrifugal pumps to keep constant pressure during oil production.

During the last decade JCS «Sumy NPO» developed the system of complete set supply of equipment and turnkey project commissioning.

Company experts design and manufacture main and auxiliary equipment considering all requirements of a Customer. All the technical, economical, climatic and seismic conditions of a site are taken into account. The company performs all the civil works, supply, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, personnel training, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance using its own resources.

Lately the company has constructed and is constructing on turn-key basis the following packaged compressor stations: «Gubkinskaya» (Russia), «Tarutino» (Ukraine), «Bursa» and «Eskisehir» (Turkey),«Severnaya» and «Astara» (Azerbaijan), «Goturdepe», «Yylanly», «Zapadnyy Shatlyk» and «Deryalyk» (Turkmenistan)  and complex gas treatment plants for Gubkinskoye, Severo-Komsomolskoye and Tarasovskoye Gas fields of «Rosneft» company (Russia).

JSC «Sumy NPO» always pays special attention to the development of its testing capacities. To this end a unique testing facility for full load string testing of compressor equipment has been built. At present the plan on further extension and improvement of testing facilities is being implemented. Research and Development Complex with testing benches and machining area was built which ensures the manufacture of pilot units for new equipment and their tests on the benches.