Compressors for mineral fertilizers production

4GМ40-35/23-325 is design for compression of nitrogen and nitrogen-hydrogen mixture. The compressor is integrated into process lines of big-volume ammonia production with the capacity of 200 000 tpa.
4GМ16-100/200М1 is design for carbonic gas compression in carbamide production process lines.

Compressors are accomplished as horizontal, reciprocating, with four, five, six stages on opposite bases 4M16 and 4M40. min-1
Synchronous electric motor is used as driver. Reciprocating mechanism lubrication is of circulation type. Cylinders and rod seals are forced lubricated with pressure being produced by plunger pump. The unit is cooled by water.

Automatic monitoring, control and protection system ensures a remote programmed start up and shutdown of the compressor.


Compressed medium Capacity Abs. Pressure,
power, kW
dimensions, m
Weight (without electric motor), t
m3/min Standard m3/min suction discharge
4GM16-100/200М1 Carbonic gas 101.4 0.099 19.70 1130 13.1х11.0х8.1 80.7
4GM40-35/23-325 Nitrogen-hydrogen mixture 35.5 685 2.250 31.88 4851 18.5х15.8х8.1 163.7
6GM40-260/237C Carbonic gas 260.0 535 0.125 23.70 4786 14.5х27.3х8.57 260.9

Notes:  overall dimensions are given with drive, intra-stage devices and piping.