ts7_s2“Sumy NPO” PJSC has shipped centrifuge ОГШ-202К-05 which is well known for its capacity and portability. Now the advantages of this equipment were accessed at the farm enterprise “Leshchenko V.М.” located in Zaporizhia region. The products have been already delivered to its destination.

Based on information of Mikhail Shepil, Head of Workshop No. 7, where the settling centrifuge had been manufactured, its reliability and conformance with the set technical parameters have been traditionally checked during the testing. “Our latest centrifuge ОГШ-202К-05 has passed the examination very satisfactorily, and it is no wonder because as the real seasoned masters had worked upon it”, – the subdivision head admitted.

The weight of the shipped centrifuge is just half a ton. Though this is a case where it is safe to say: small but steady. It will provide continuous process of residue discharge, and at a high capacity – maximum speed of screw conveyor reaches 6000 rotations per minute. This busy bee will deal with turf at the farm enterprise “Leshchenko V.М.”.

Besides, Workshop No. 7 has recently manufactured the similar sample of settling centrifugal equipment. Its twin has been shipped to Belarus company “Аstronа” late last year.