dsc_2714_s1OGS-202K-05 centrifuge, manufactured in “Sumy NPO” PJSC by order of the Astron Company, specializing in the production of organic fertilizers, was supplied to neighboring Belarus.

The products ordered by Belarusian partners are compact (it weighs half a ton) and at the same time functional, maneuverable and reliable. Prior to shipment, the equipment was thoroughly tested, which confirmed the technical specifications.

As Ruslan Grishchenko, head of the standard equipment bureau of the SKB department, explains, this centrifuge is in demand by the Astrona Company as part of the development of its own fertilizer production facilities. “This specimen, in particular, is designed for distribution of a suspension of peat-sapropelic extract. It, as well as other samples of centrifugal equipment of settling type, created by our company, differs in that it ensures continuous discharge of the sediment. In other words, the technological process is continuous. In addition, thanks to the applied centrifugation principle, this equipment can boast of high productivity: under the influence of the centrifugal force, the suspension separates into liquid and solid phases, the latter then settles on the inner surface of the rotor and is continuously removed from it with a rotating screw, “comments Mr. Grishchenko.

In turn, Mikhail Shepil, head of workshop number 7, where the centrifuge was manufactured, adds that, having completed the work on OGSh-202K-05 for Belarusian colleagues, the department immediately takes on the next similar project – a contract for the same products for the farm enterprise, located in Zaporozhye region.