dsc_4536_s2Sumy machine-builders have completed the works on liquid-packed vacuum pumps with the flow rate of 300 cubic meters/minute per the order of “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” РJSC , as well as on the improved VVN 2-150 for ”Belaruskali” JSC.
In total, three units of pumping equipment of the VVN 2-300 type have been manufactured for our partners from Kryvyi Rih. Each one weighs about 13 tons. The purpose of the goods is draining the water-insoluble impurities.

The works on a liquid-packed vacuum pump for “Belaruskali” JSC have been carried out in parallel. This is an improved modification of the pump, furnished with an electric motor, high-accuracy instrumentation and modern automation systems. The equipment will have the flow rate of 150 m3/min and the weight of more than 7 tons.

As stated by Oleg Semesenko, the lead manager of the Sales Department, both the Ukrainian metallurgists and the Belarus mineral fertilizers producers have a long experience of cooperation with “Sumy NPO” PJSC.