Check valves DN 300…1000 PN 80, 100, 160

Designed to automatically prevent back flow of working medium when transporting non-aggressive natural gas and other non-aggressive media with temperature from -60°C to +80°C.

Tightness – per GOST 13252.
Connection – welded end (manufacturing of flanged cock is possible).
Climatic version – for areas with temperate and cold climate (-60°C thru +45°C).
The average service life before overhaul is no more 40 years.
The Company reserves the right to make changes in check valves design to improve them, while minor changes may not be reflected in the catalog.

Design Features:

  • check valves of rotating type;
  • the availability of liquid dampers DN 300…500 and pneumatic dampers DN 700 and over makes possible to reduce impact loads;
  • one-piece stamp-welded construction of check valves body;
  • high maintainability;
  • low pressure loss.
Designation Figure DN, mm PN, MPa Connection Weight, kg
ЗО-300-80-Ф-Ф 1.2770.21.200.00-01 300 8.0 Flanged end connection completed with counter flanges, fasteners and sealing parts (welded end)* 640
ЗО-300-100-Пр 1.2770.56.200.00-01 300 10.0 Welded end* 470
ЗО-300-160-Пр 1.2770.18.200.00-01 300 16.0 Welded end* 430
ЗО-400-100-Пр 1.2770.57.200.00-01 400 10.0 Welded end* 960
ЗО-500-100-Пр 1.2770.55.200.00 500 10.0 Welded end* 1170
ЗО-700-100-Пр 1.9000.150.00.00-02 700 10.0 Welded end* 3500
ЗО-1000-100-Пр 1.9000.151.00.00-01 1000 10.0 Welded end* 7600

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