Inlet separators

The inlet separators are designed for oil casing-head gas purification from mechanical impurities and drop liquid, as well as for liquid «volley» supply catching while compressor station processing.

PJSC «Sumy  NPO» has developed and mastered the serial production of inlet separator sets, designed for liquid supply of volume up to 80 m3.

The delivery set consists of:

  • separator;
  • servicing platforms;
  • process pipelines with shut-off, safety valves;
  • instruments.

Inlet separatorsThe separator is horizontal cylindrical structure inside of which the separation element of breaking type is mounted. The operating principle of separator is based on extraction of mechanical and liquid impurities from gas flow under the action of centrifugal forces.

Separated liquid is drained automatically. To prevent liquid freezing the separator is equipped with heating coil.

Capacity increasing is reached by parallel installation of several separators.

The equipment is mounted out-doors and can be operated in different climatic zones.


Capacity, SCMH (SCMD)    7.2х105 (17×106)  
Working pressure, MPa до 3.2
Working temperature,°С от -60 до +80
Total volume, m3 до 120
Weight, ton 17 – 30
Efficiency of filtering, % до 98-100