CNG vehicle refueling gas compressor stations

In 1986  «Sumy NPO» JSC mastered the manufacturing of modular automatic gas refueling compressor stations for CNG vehicle refueling. The prototype of modular CNG vehicle refueling gas compressor station BKI-250 with three compressors was presented at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, where it was awarded a gold medal.

Since 1987 the serial manufacturing of these stations has begun. 30 items had been delivered by 1990. In 1989 in parallel with the manufacturing of the first model of CNG vehicle refueling gas compressor station the Company started the manufacturing of updated modular CNG vehicle refueling station MBKI-250 with three compressors of improved technical and operational performance.

110 stations of this modification had been delivered to different regions of CIS by 1994. In the course of mastering the serial production of CNG vehicle refueling stations with different parameters the Company has manufactured nine types and twenty-two modifications of these stations including the following items with one compressor: modular CNG vehicle refueling station  BKI-40/25-1 (small-sized type), modular CNG vehicle refueling station MBKI-125/25-1 (for Argentina), modular CNG vehicle refueling station  BKI-50/2.5…7.5/25 (trunk type), modular CNG vehicle refueling station MBKI 0.05…1.7/125…350/25-1 (municipal type) as well as  the following items with two compressors: CNG vehicle refueling station BCI-75/25-2 (small-sized type), modular CNG vehicle refueling station MBKI-125/25-2 and modular CNG vehicle refueling station MBKI 0.05…1.7/250…700/25-2 (municipal type).

The stations are produced as ready-for–use container modules that ensures their quick installation and commissioning. Process equipment of the stations is designed for gas using both from municipal gas mains and main pipelines. High efficient moisture-and-oil separators and deep adsorption dehydration is used for removal of drop oil and moisture. The reliable automatic control system provides control of the station operation.

Until the mid-1990s the reciprocating compressors were manufactured on opposite base M2.5 with piston force of 2.5 tons. Subsequently the Company has applied shortened base M2.5U of our own design (the metal consumption is 35% less than that in comparison with M2.5 base). With this shortened base our experts have designed, tested and implemented the series of compressors for different suction pressure: from 0.5 kgf/cm2 to 17 kgf/cm2 (gauge), with final pressure of 250 kgf/cm2 and rated capacity of 480 Stm3/h to 1,200 Stm3/h.

High-efficient air coolers of interstage gas with cooling flow control, as well as available free access and servicing platforms in the ventilated and heated compressor room ensure station operation in different climatic zones.

All CNG vehicle refueling stations manufactured by PJSC «Sumy  NPO» successfully operate in Ukraine, Russia, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Argentina, etc.

 «Sumy NPO» JSC has available the approvals issued by Gosgorpromnadzor of Ukraine, Gostetechnadzor of Russia, Promatomnadzor of Belarus for manufacturing, installation and application of process equipment of CNG vehicle refueling gas compressor station. Full load string testing of every CNG vehicle refueling station at the Company unique test benches guarantees high quality of delivered process equipment.