Compressors for polyethylene production

These are designed to compress a polyethylene in «Polymir» type processing lines for low density polyethylene production applying a method of high pressure.

Fresh ethylene compressors (LP compressors) are made on the opposite base 4M16 with three stages and electric drive that ensures smooth adjustment of capacity by changing the rotational speed from 100 to 320 rpm/min.

Reaction pressure compressors (HP compressors) are made on the opposite base 4M40 with hydro mechanical transmission of motion from cranking mechanism to actuating elements of cylinder of both stages.

Reciprocating mechanism is lubricated by oil circulated under pressure being produced by pump.

Cylinders and sealing devices of the rods are force lubricated under pressure being produced by multi-plunger pump. These are cooled by water with close discharge.

Automatic monitoring, control and protection system ensures a remote programmed start up and shutdown of the compressor, warning and alarm signaling, as well as blocking of driving electric motor on parameters deviation from the set values.



Capacity Abs. Pressure,
power, kW
dimensions, m
Weight (without electric motor), t
m3/min Standard m3/min suction discharge
4GM16-12.5/17-281 Ethylene 11.70 134 1.13 31.30 870 31.2х12.7х5.95 81
4GM16-14/14-281 Ethylene 13.86 164 1.37 27.50 1150 21.4х11.7х6.2 66
4GM40-1.2/250-2500 Ethylene 1.21 260 24.50 245.00 4300 31.8х19.2х8.1 191

Notes: overall dimensions are given with drive, intra-stage devices and piping.