Crude & condensate processing plants

Oil (condensate) processing plants are designed for oil (condensate) processing with the crude oil annual processing capacity of 10,000 t; 25,000 t; 40,000 t; 50,000 t; 100,000 t; 150,000 t; 200,000 t; 300,000 t; 500,000 t and obtaining straight-run gasoline, diesel fuel, and residual fuel oil.


Raw material separation in the plants is carried out by the method of rectification. Oil or condensate with density 650 – 850 kg/m3 serve as raw material. Products quantitative ratio and fractions qualitative coefficients are specified by feedstock.

The plants comprise the following processing equipment:

  • feed pumps unit, reservoirs for raw material and commodity output (supplied on Customer’s request);
  • salting-out unit (if necessary), including pumping equipment, pressurized vessels, heat exchangers, electric dehydrators. This unit is designed for water and salt extraction from raw material (salt maximum content in raw material after salting-out does not exceed 10 mg/l, water content n no more than 0.08 – 0.12% of weight.);
  • condensate stabilization unit (if necessary), including stabilization column with evaporator to provide stabilization of raw material with saturated vapour pressure no more than 500 mm Hg at temperature 30°C;
  • topping unit, including rectifying column (operated under atmospheric pressure)with evaporator,for distilled petrol receipt. Masout is the residual of rectifying column;
  • spraying unit, including pressurized vessels and pumping equipment;
  • diesel fraction unit, including stripper with evaporator, for light fractions pre-stripping and diesel fuel receipt;
  • raw material processing heater with tank and heat carrier pumps;
  • petrol, diesel fuel and masout air cooling devices of fin-tube type;
  • recuperative heat exchangers of shell-and-tube type;
  • control air preparation unit designed for air supply of valve pneumatic operators and instruments;
  • control unit designed for manufacturing method control, inspection and regulation of process on the plant.

Modular design and maximum factory readiness allow performing equipment mounting in the shortest terms.

Every block is the assembly of open or close type, convinient for rail transport. It includes processing and auxiliary equipment, piping and communications, mounted on rigid load-bearing frame.

The plants are designed for operation in climatic areas with air temperature from –60°C up to 45°C.