Reciprocating compressors and compressor units

JSC «Sumy NPO» is one of the oldest enterprises in manufacturing of heavy duty reciprocating compressors.

The first super power compressor with capacity of 10 000 m3/hour for pressure of 300 atmosphere was manufactured by the company in 1933 for Bereznikovsky chemical plant. In 1 949 the first heavy duty horizontal compressor 1G-166/320 was produced and in August 1950 the manufacturing of 10 compressors was completed. These compressors were supplied to Bulgaria, Poland and China for ammonia synthesis process lines.

The Company developed and mastered the production of the whole series of horizontal reciprocating compressors on bayonet basis for producting chemical fertilizers, namely: 1G-266/320, 2G-420/25-320, 3G-100/200 and others. The compressors for ammonia synthesis plants which have been manufactured for about twenty years were in great demand. They were supplied to the chemical plants in China, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Afghanistan and former USSR. They had sufficiently reliable design, high maintainability and many of them are still in operation.

High speed and more compact opposite compressors substituted low speed horizontal compressors. The first sample of the opposite compressor 50T-130/200 was manufactured and commissioned in 1960 in Rustavsky chemical plant. The serial production of the heavy duty opposite compressors with piston force 16, 25 and 40 tons for different branches of industry has been started since 1964.

In the 90th the company enlarged the line of the manufactured compressor equipment owing to mastering the production of compressors on mid-sized and small bases with piston force 2.5, 4.0 and 10 tons as well as on W-base with piston force 1.6 tons.

Within the period from 1964 till 2008 the company manufactured more than 1 000 compressors of different types, among them: on the basis of: M40 – 144 compressors, M25 – 136 compressors, M16 – 500 compressors, M10 – 27 compressors, M4 – 12 compressors, M2.5 – 186 compressors and Sh1.6 – 60 compressors.

The reciprocating compressors of medium, high and superhigh pressure are used for production of mineral fertilizers, for air separation, production of polyethylene under high pressure, compression of natural and associated oil gas, nitrogen, hydrogen and gas mixtures in energy, petrochemical, oil-refining and metallurgical industries.

The company manufactures range of compressors of general purpose, special low power compressors for different branches of industry.

The company produces mobile compressor units, designed for feeding special equipment with compressed to 400 atm. air. The units are fully autonomous and can be shipped by road and rail vehicles, air and waterways. They are highly reliable, durable, easy to operate and maintain, which makes them indispensable for field operation.

All compressors are equipped with a system of automatic control and protection, which ensures control of basic operating parameters, emergency warning and alarms and shutdown of prime movers.