EPC Projects

JSC «Sumy NPO» designs and manufactures main and auxiliary equipment based on customers’ demands and specifications, including technical and economic parameters, climatic and seismic conditions in the operation area.
All civil, construction, installation, arrangement of equipment, pre-commissioning and commissioning works, training of customer’s personnel, warranty and post-warranty services are provided by the company.

Benefits in construction on turn-key basis:

  • The best price-quality balance;stroit
  • Complete scope of proposal from design to pre-commissioning based on «one-hand» strategy;
  • Sinergy of industrial machine-building, engineering and construction expertise;
  • Reducing of construction term in 2-3 times;
  • Process equipment delivery by only the manufacture;
  • Full responsibility to the Customer for the quality of the delivered equipment;
  • The minimum number of manufacturers of components and their uniformity;
  • After-sale service of equipment by the only supplier;

Sumy engineers have gained great experience in manufacturing of complete process lines of equipment and ready for turnkey delivery and commis¬sioning of great variety of integrated industrial facilities:

  • Gas compressor stations;stroit1
  • Gas treatment plants;
  • Oil (gas condensate) refineries;
  • Oil refineries with annual output capacity of 500,000 tpa -1,000,000 tpa;
  • CNG Vehicle Refueling Compressor Stations;
  • Oil terminals with storage capacity of 100 m3 -50,000 m3;
  • Distilleries;
  • линии по производству слабой азотной кислоты, соды, гелиевого концентрата, этилена и пропилена.