Company Main Laboratory

Main laboratory of “Sumy NPO” PJSC provides services in steels, alloys and ferros-material testing for outside companies.

Main Laboratory services:

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1. Stretching test with Ϭт; Ϭв; δ5; ψ determination
2. Stretching test at higher temperatures up to 900°С
3. Stretching test at temperature up to 150 °С
4. Standard specimens bending test
5. Standard specimens torsional test
6. Standard specimens compressive test
7. Test with fatigue value determination
8. Standard specimens impact toughness test
9. Impact bending test at low temperatures
10. Hardness test by Rockwell, Brunel, Vickers
11. Making of billet for physical-and-mechanical test
12. Making of one specimen for stretching test
13. Making of one sheet material specimen for stretching test
14. Making of one specimen for impact toughness test
15. Determination of steel chemical composition
16. Determination of non-ferrous alloys chemical composition
17. Metallographic study of metal structure
18. Metallographic study of crystallite point
19. Determination of nonmetallic inclusions by metallographic method
20. Test of specimen macrostructure (by fracture)
21. Determination of case
22. Determination of nitrided case thickness