To ensure high quality and reliability of manufactured equipment a test bench was built at Sumy Machine-Building Plant in 1978 in order to test turbo-compressor trains under conditions as close as possible to the conditions of packages operation at compressor stations.

In 2014 string test bench for compressor tests on gas and its auxiliary systems were upgraded. As a result of upgrading the bench acquired new quality characteristics which enabled to carry out string tests of compressor equipment on gas in compliance with international standards.

Either turbo-compressor trains as a unit or centrifugal compressors with power 1 to 25 MW separately can be tested.

Test bench allows:

• to obtain compressor gas-dynamic characteristics and to determine polytropic efficiency;

• to check compressor rotor tuning-out from sub-synchronous vibrations typical for “back-to-back” compressor designs;

• to confirm dummy design parameters for compensation of axial force affecting compressor rotor;

• to check sufficiency of magnetic bearings supporting capacity;

• to adjust magnetic bearings control system and to check system performance in all range of compressor gas-dynamic characteristics;

• to check operation of shaft dry gas seals at all compressor operation modes;

• to emit and to inspect all systems of compressor in emergency conditions.