Fire-fighting equipment

To complete the equipment manufactured by the Company serial production of БГП-2 double balloon and БГП-4 four-balloon gaseous fire suppression elements as well as РУ-32 distribution device has been performed.

As a part of fire-fighting unit (system) gaseous fire suppression elements and distribution device are designed extinguishing fires of class A, B and C according to GOST 27331 and voltage-carrying electrical equipment .

Start of elements and distribution device is carried out automatically (remotely – with pyro device). Reserve start is manual.

Gaseous fire suppression elements are designed to store and release the extinguishing agent, as which can be used gases and gas composition (including carbon dioxide CO СО2.)

Technical data of БГП-2 and БГП-4 gaseous fire suppression elements

Balloons number, pc. 2 4
Maximum allowable pressure in the balloon with the extinguishing agent, МPа ( kgf/cm2 ) 15 (150)
Time of the extinguishing agent discharge, s, max 30 35
Relative mass of the extinguishing agent residue in balloons, %, max 5
Elements response time, s, max 1
Lock and release device nominal diameter (nominal bore), mm 10
Overall dimensions, mm, max 680 x 340 x 1830 765 x 570 x 1870
Product weight (without  extinguishing agent), kg, max 180 340
Ambient temperature, °С from +5 up to +45
Relative humidity, %, max 80 (at +25 °С)


Technical data of РУ-32 distribution device

Nominal bore, mm 32
Maximum working pressure, МPа ( kgf/cm2 ) 15 (150)
Overall dimensions, mm, max 575 x 360 x 220
Product weight, kg, max 14
Ambient temperature, °С от +5 до +45
Relative humidity, %, max 80 (at +25 °С)