Gas treatment units

The unit is designed for preparation of gas, transferred by compressor stations of gas mains, for the purpose of its usage as:


  • fuel gas for gas turbine start-up in gas-transfer turbo-compressor units (GPA);
  • starting gas for gas turbine of GPA;
  • impulse gas to control pneumatically-operated valves of compressor station (CS);
  • fuel for compressor station own and residential settlement needs.

All equipment is manufactured as module article of full factory readiness. Local and remote measurement of operating parameters is provided for all plants.
The set of equipment comprises the following:

Gas cleaning plant is designed to clean gas from liquid drops and mechanical impurities at inlet of fuel, start and power gas treatment unit. The plant incorporates two process lines (main and stand-by), comprising filter-separators, pipelines with shut-off and control valves and instrumentation facilities.

Gas measuring plant is designed to measure total amount of incoming to station gas as well as fuel and start gas amount. The plant incorporates process lines for measurement of total gas amount and heated fuel gas amount. They are equipped with control, shut-off valves and instruments. The switching from working line to stand-by or by-pass one is provided for the unit.

el-podogrevatel-bufernogo-gaza-dks-yu-kemachi-10134_002_001-tseh-7-27-11-17Fuel gas heater incorporates a heater (electric or gas)with intermediate heat carrier. Additionally, to supply the unit with regeneration gas (t=300°C) in heaters, it is equipped with «gas-gas» heat exchanger of PN=10 MPa with gas heater.

Fuel gas treatment plants serve for reduction and keeping fuel gas specified pressure. The whole range of plants for treatment of fuel gas have been developed. They are distinguished by functional purpose, equipment composition and location category.
In the general case the plants for fuel gas treatment comprise the following:

  • two lines (main and stand-by)for fuel gas reduction which supply gas turbine with fuel gas;
  • a line of start gas reduction for gas turbine start-up;
  • two lines (main and stand-by)of gas reduction for own needs to supply the station with mean pressure gas.

At Customer’s request the plants can be additionally completed by separators for fuel gas cleaning from mechanical impurities and drop liquid and by heat exchangers for fuel gas heating.

Power gas dehumidification and storage plant is designed for power gas dehumidification up to dew point by moisture of –55°С at working pressure, as well as for power gas accumulation in receiver and its distribution, as required, for control of compressor station pneumatically operated valves. The experts of the Company have developed and manufacture power gas dehumidification and storage plants with flame and electric heating of regenerated gas.

Local and remote measurement of operating parameters is provided for plants. The unit equipment control is performed by automatic control system of the station.


Parameter   Fuel gas   Start gas   Power gas
Capacity,kg/h 650 – 35000 120 – 12600 On request
Gas suction pressure, MPa 2.4 – 8.25 0.8 – 7.6 2.5 – 8.25
Gas discharge pressure, MPa 2.4 – 3.0 0.25 – 0.5 1.0 – 2.5
Weight, kg 800 – 23500
Climatic version U1, HL1