Pressure vessels

      Horizontal and vertical pressure vessels are designed for:


  • storage of explosive and flammable fluids;
  • storage of liquid and gaseous non-explosive products;
  • gathering of the liquid after filters-separators and other process equipment;
  • drain of oil products residues from vessels and process lines on the gas and oil industry objects.

All vessel equipment is made in accordance with OST 26-291-94 and «Regulations of pressure vessels design and safety operation»

Pressure vessels can be used for:

  • any climatic zones;
  • seismic zones (to 9.0 on the Richter scale);
  • operation in the cyclic loads;
  • any environments, including followed to corrosion cracking of metals.


The equipment can be provided with internal or external heater, if it is necessary.

The medium removal from the vessels can be carried out by removing under pressure or by submerged pump units. The development of equipment is possible in modular design with valves, instrumentation, servicing platforms and frame. During equipment designing all operating parameters are specified by request of a Customer. .


Working pressure, MPa from 0.05 to 16
Volume, m3 to 90
Shell diameter, mm from 500 to 3000
Shell thickness, mm from 4 to 100
Weight, kg from 135 to 49100