Gas collection and treatment complex for solid domestic waste landfills

The complex is designed for collection and preparation of the gas produced in landfills, its further drying and purification of carbon dioxide and finally supply to the consumer.


Technical data

Biogas discharge rate, m3/hour:
at complex inlet
at complex outlet
Pressure, МPа
at complex inlet
at complex outlet
Gas temperature, °С, max
at complex inlet
at complex outlet
+ 35
+ 40
Electrical consumer installed capacity, kW 1570
Complex occupied area,  ha 0.126 (30m х 42m)

Original and purified gas composition

Component name Composition, % by volume
at complex inlet at complex outlet
Methane (СН4) 57.00 94.54
Carbon dioxide (СО2) 41.50 max 3.00
Notrogen (N2) 1.10 1.80
Oxygen (О2) 0.40 0.66
Water vapour containing, g/m3 condensed moisture containing max 0.11

Biogas treatment technology is based on  processes of compression, separation, absorption, adsorption and desorption, and provides for drying and cleaning of carbon dioxide.

At Customer’s request, complexes are manufactured of various capacities and can be equipped with hydrogen sulfide biogas purification systems as well as carbon dioxide production from the associated carbon dioxide (СО2).