33028566_1731407090277860_6579415252046184448_s1This widely recognized exhibition that, year after year, gathers together everyone interested in the development of oil and gas-related businesses was organized in Tashkent. This time, nearly two hundred manufacturers from 23 countries came to Global Oil & Gas Uzbekistan (OGU-2018) to demonstrate their competences. “Sumy NPO” PJSC was one of them. The Company’s delegation led by the General Director Aleksei Tsymbal not only presented a successful exhibit, but also had meetings with key customers in the Uzbekistan market, during which the further cooperation was routed out.

As stated by Andrei Melnik, the Lead Manager of the Foreign Economic Activity Department, the Sumy machine-builders had high hopes for OGU-2018, since Uzbekistan is quite interesting for the company due to its potential. “The exhibition has once again proven that this country plans to continue investing in the oil and gas industry. In particular, during its opening, the Deputy Prime Minister Nodir Otajonov stated that Uzbekistan aims to claim the status of a serious player on the hydrocarbon market not only in the Middle Asia, but worldwide. The key waypoint on this path is the strategy of actions in the prioritized directions of Uzbekistan’s development in 2017-2021. There is a number of projects that are significantly interesting for our company as the developer and executor of complex, technologically complicated solutions”, – says Andrei Nikolaievich.

The SNPO exhibit at OGU-2018 was highly popular. The popularity was further aided by the fact that Nikolai Klochko, representative of the region state administration, also took part in it, having arrived per the invitation of the Uzbekistan party and joined his fellow countrymen. The head of the Sumy region also participated in the further negotiations regarding potential orders for the company in the market of the Central Asia.

“At the moment, there are eight projects in the works in this region that our company endeavors to implement. One of them is already in the works, the second one was substantially negotiated about during this exhibition, and we hope to start processing it in the near future as well. Regarding other contracts, we hope to see the questions with them resolved in the first half of summer, – noted Aleksei Tsymbal, the General Director of “Sumy NPO” PJSC. – We also did not limit ourselves to just the current affairs and tried to look into the more distant future. It is good that the Uzbekistan partners see our company there. It really is a country where reliable partners are treated with respect, and the SNPO products supplied to Uzbekistan at different points in time have proven their quality and effectiveness 100%”.

Specifically, during OGU-2018, requests were obtained for the supply of equipment and spare parts for the modernization of a wide range of compressor stations in that country. There was also a big demand for machinery that Sumy machine-builders create for chemical industry.
By the way, the company’s exhibit was actively inspected by technical specialists of the facilities, the construction of which the company had participated in. “We met like old friends, – says Sergei Ivchenko, the Deputy Head of the Marketing Department. – For example, we were visited by the workers of the Mubarek gas refinery, BCS “Kokdumalak”, “Gasli” and so on. They all expressed their satisfaction with the products they operate daily, as well as sincere hopes to continue having their facilities equipped with the machinery bearing the “Sumy NPO” logo”.