bozoj_s2The powerful gas absorbing drying unit with a capacity of 27 million cub. m/day has been started up at the underground gas storage “Bozoy” in Aktyubinsk region of Kazakhstan. PJSC “Sumy Machine-Building Science-and-Production Association” has performed the engineering, manufacture of all that is required for this facility, its installation and pre-commissioning over a period of 2015-2017.

The gas absorbing drying unit for underground gas storage “Bozoy” is the biggest one from all ever supplied by Sumy machine builders.

“It was the complete order, so it depended considerably from our company, how far the success would be of this responsible project. In general, in order to ensure this project the SNPO team-spirited workforce designed, manufactured and mounted as a total package almost 60 units of technologically-difficult equipment, including the following: filters-separators, absorbers, glycol still columns, heat exchangers, air coolers, pumps, vessels, etc.”, – informs Aleksandr Severin, the Deputy Sales and Complete Facilities Director.

On December 6, 2017 the gas absorbing drying unit was officially commissioned. The start-up was performed personally by Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, pointing out the fundamental role of this complex in terms of the development of energy potential of the state headed by him.

During the celebratory event it has been noted that the drying unit constructed by Sumy NPO is one of the most powerful facilities at the underground gas storage “Bozoy”. Due to this facility, the quality of blue-sky fuel supplied to the main pipeline, has come to a level of international standards. The pipeline useful life also increases.

There is also another key aspect– the new facility of Kazakhstan gas infrastructure enables to cover all demands of the southern regions of the country regarding the blue-sky fuel during the peak heating season, whereby providing the steady export of hydrocarbons to China.