Sumy NPO JSC actively began manufacturing two low pressure (LP) centrifugal compressors 224GTs2-303 / 7.1-24M12 (6 stages), two detachable rotor bundles of high pressure compressors (HP) 224GTs2-56 / 23-75M12 (7 stages) for compressing gas containing hydrogen sulfide and two gas air coolers (GAC) in a corrosion-resistant version for upgrading the compressor yard of the Pamuk booster compressor station (Uzbekistan).

The specified equipment was developed by the company’s specialists in accordance with international standards API 617 “Axial, centrifugal compressors and expander compressors for oil, chemical and gas industry” and ISO 15156 “Oil and gas industry – Materials for use in environments containing hydrogen sulfide in production oil and gas”.

The steels and alloys of our own production used in the manufacture have the necessary resistance to stress cracking (SSC), hydrogen cracking (HIC), intergranular corrosion caused by a corrosive working medium and allow safe operation of the equipment.

LP compressors and detachable rotor bundles of LP compressors, designed with a pressure ratio of 3.3 and polytropic efficiency of 80% and 73%, properly, are equipped with “dry” gas-dynamic seals and oil sliding bearings manufactured by Sumy NPO JSC.

The most advanced technical solutions and technologies are used in the manufacture of equipment.

The manufacturing cycle is 3 months from the receipt of the letter of credit. Delivery time is January 2020.