ts2_2_1A unique eight-stage rotor to the turbo-compressor package with a capacity of 25 MW, which was manufactured in Sumy NPO, was supplied to the booster compressor station Gazli (Uzbekistan), where it will be used by the customer in the process of modernization of this facility.

As Sergey Kovalenko, the deputy chief of the workshop number 2, informed, equipment, which had to be worked by the employees of the workshop for two months, is unique. “The project is scrupulous and very responsible. In addition, it was necessary to take into account the customer’s request regarding special technical parameters and to fulfill everything in a short time, ” says Mr. Sergey Kovalenko.

After comprehensive testing Sumy machine-builders sent 10 more impellers together with the eight-stage rotor to their Uzbek colleagues.
As Andrey Melnik, the leading manager of Overseas Sales Division, noted in general terms of the contract, the company had to supply 10 different rotors and a number of spare parts.

“This is our first experience of cooperation with the company C. E. Engines Ltd – and quite successful: we have already sent 9 rotors, another one is on the line. And everything was done before the contractual terms, – said Andrey Melnik. – These products are needed for the planned upgrade of GPA-C-6,3, GPA-C-16 and TKA-C-25, which are installed on the BCS Gazli and Mubarek in Uzbekistan.