20180530_121406_s1The largest exposition event of the Caspian region – Caspian Oil and Gas (“Caspian Oil and Gas”), which gathered key players of the oil and gas industry from all over the world for the 25th time, completed its work in Baku. This year over 300 manufacturers from almost 40 countries came to Azerbaijan. “Sumy NPO” PJSC made them worthy of competition. The company is well-known in this region, so potential customers did not bypass the stand of the factory, willingly shared their long-term plans, the implementation of which is not against attracting precisely the Sumy machine-builders.

According to Alexander Korolev, the leading manager of Sales Division, one of the participants of the SNPO delegation at the exhibition, Caspian Oil and Gas-2018 showed that after a certain stagnation associated with low prices for hydrocarbons, Azerbaijan gradually spreads its wings. In particular, the day of the start of the exhibitions coincided with the long-awaited commission of the Southern Gas Corridor, to which the local authorities have high hopes, including filling their own treasury. This was stated directly by the President of the country Ilham Aliyev, who traditionally started off the event.

“According to the estimates, in a year or two, Azerbaijan plans to implement several large infrastructure projects, which are of great interest to Sumy NPO. Among them, for example, the reconstruction of the Baku oil refinery, the construction of a line for the production of diesel fuel in accordance with the norms of EURO-5, etc. “, – said Aleksander Korolev.

Preparation for the implementation of these global plans is now gaining momentum. “Of course, we keep our hand on the pulse. Since it is planned that international brands will be the main general contractors, they were actively engaged in passing preliminary qualification in order to become one of the potential suppliers of these companies. At the same time, our technical services process the initial requirements for equipment in order to be fully prepared at the time of announcement of tenders, ” Igor Bulygin, Head of Marketing Department explained.

He also said that the Azerbaijanis are building very ambitious plans for the next years – in the 2020+ timeframe. Actually, they have a need in modern oil and gas processing plants, power generating plants, chemical complex.

As for the current issues, Sumy machine-builders can help their colleagues from the Caspian region. “We received a lot of applications within the framework of the renewal of modular-cluster pump stations, which at one time were equipped mainly with SNPO branded equipment. We are talking about pumps, centrifuges, but most of all – spare parts for them, because as of now, Azerbaijan is determined to actively repair its own facilities,” Vitaliy Kochura, the head of Sales Bureau said.