gazli_s1 A number of workshops of “Sumy NPO” PJSC have deployed the production of ten rotors for the modernization of gas pumping units. These components, which are rightly considered the highlight of any compressor equipment, are manufactured for the needs of Uzbek DKS Gasley, KS-0 Mubarek. In time the company took an active part In their arrangement.

As Alexander Kovalenko , the head of workshop No2, informed, the release of three rotors is assigned to the division headed by him. “Each of them is exclusive. Actually, we are instructed to create two-, four- and eight-stage samples, “the source said, adding that one rotor is already ready, and two more samples are scheduled for shipping during February.

Until the end of the next month they expect to cope with their part of the order in workshop number 12. In particular, the team is working on seven rotors. “We have them the same type – all are of two-stage compressor design. Nevertheless, the task is troublesome, responsible, requires a high level of staff qualification, therefore, to implement it in a short time, most employees are involved in the project implementation, “said Igor Pogorelov, the head of workshop No 12.

In addition, at the present time super complicated gear pairs to multipliers, necessary to replace those that have already exhausted their life, as well as dry gas-dynamic seals, sliding bearings, sealing sleeves, oil supply systems, etc are in work.

The abovementioned spare parts are manufactured in accordance with the contract with C.E. Civil Engines Ltd (by the way, it is the first in the history of relations with Sumy NPO). These components are needed for the planned upgrade of GPA-C-6,3, GPA-C-16 and TKA-C-25 installed on the BCS “Gazli” and KS-0 “Mubarek” in Uzbekistan.

As Andrey Melnik, the leading manager of Overseas Sales Division, adds, the shipping will take place in several stages. The final tranche is scheduled in early spring.