rovnenskaya-aes_380“Sumy NPO” PJSC took on new contractual obligations to four national nuclear power plants: Khmelnitskaya, Rovenskaya, Zaporozhskaya and Yuzhno-Ukrainskaya. In particular, Sumy engineers have to produce a large lot of spare parts for pumping equipment of various kinds.

As Elena Bala, the senior sales manager, informs, the contract provides the production of parts to PEA PEA 65-50 and 850-65 feeding pumps, KSVa 1000-190, 900-180 KSVa, KSVa 1500-120 condensate pumps, as well as ГЦН-195М reactor coolant pumps. As a whole – more than 2,400 units of spare parts, which will be applied during the scheduled maintenance at the stations.

Spare parts are expected at the above-mentioned nuclear power plants during March-August 2017.

“Today’s agreement is a vivid example of active communication between consumers and producers at national level. We will make every effort in the future to our cooperation, which originated back in the 90s, to be actively developed. Backgrounds for this are quite favorable “, – said Ms. Bala.